Buy two perennials and get the third one free!

Gardens show their full glory as perennials burst into bloom. Spring flowering ones make way for summer flowers, then on to fall colour. There's never a dull moment.

Not only are perennials such a feast for our eyes, they're a feast for out pollinator friends and butterflies. Watch the hummingbirds devour the bee-balm. Or the Monarch Butterflies tickle the Butterfly Weed. Bright yellow flashes of Finches plucking the seeds from Coneflowers. How about the symphony of buzzing from the Honeybees dancing around anemones in your garden? There's nothing quite like bringing wildlife back into the garden like a diverse collection of perennials.

Join us for our Perennial Days where you can refill your garden with colour for the season. We grow over 1000 different varieties of perennials all grown in our own greenhouses. Come in now for Perennial Days and purchase any two perennials and get the third one free*.

*When multiple plants are on a single receipt, the lowest value plants are discounted 100%.

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