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Roses can be overwhelming with all the different types. Here's an easy guide to demystify roses.

  • Shrub - These are types closest to wild roses. Explorer roses are most often shrub roses, but it's a series developed in Ottawa and named after famous explorers.
  • Grandiflora - Grand = Large and Flora is Flower. Grandifloras have a fewer but larger flowers.
  • Floribunda - Essentially Abundance of Flowers. This plant produces clusters of flowers, though not always the largest ones.
  • Hybrid Tea - These are the long-stem roses you'd give your loved one. They most often produce a single flower per stem. They can be the most tender to grow, but also the most rewarding.
  • Climbing - Not a self-clinging climer, but you tie up the roses to a trellis. The branches keep growing in long spans as opposed to other varieties that reach a maximum length. The part on the trellis is most exposed to the elements so they may need additional care to survive the winter.
  • English - Also known as David Austin or Old Fashioned Roses. The flowers more resemble peonies than roses. Very popular with collectors looking for something different.
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